Sarah Johnson

Vice President of Enterprise Surveys and Analytics, Perceptyx, Inc.

Dr. Sarah Johnson, Vice President of Enterprise Surveys and Analytics at Perceptyx, Inc., has more than three decades of experience in her field. She specializes in employee engagement, organizational development and effectiveness and survey data analysis – advising senior leaders at Fortune 500 firms around the world. Sarah works with clients around the world, from as far north as Denmark to as far south as Brazil. Prior to joining Perceptyx Sarah was a Global Practice Leader at CEB. Sarah has also worked as an internal consultant, leading the global organizational survey programs at Eastman Kodak and IBM, and held a number of HR positions at IBM that gave her experience in Employee Relations, Compensation, and Resource Planning. Sarah began her professional career at Procter & Gamble. She is the cofounder and first chairperson of the Information Technology Survey Group (ITSG) and was a member of the board of Mayflower Group. Sarah received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Purdue University, and holds a Master of Arts degree and PhD in industrial organizational psychology from The Ohio State University.