Pam August

Former Director Culture Activation, WestJet

Pam August, ‘retired’ Director Culture Activation at WestJet, led the organization’s culture roadmap to ensure that WestJet’s renowned culture developed in support of strategy with strong vision and intention; by design not default. Over 14 years, she worked with all organizational levels from executive leadership to front line employees, and all departments to build strong connection and alignment. This included introducing Mindwell U’s 30-day Challenge to the organization as part of the Sauder School of Business research study. This study produced great results, and hundreds of WestJetters benefited from the challenge. In her ‘rewirement’ (not retirement), Pam has started an independent practice with core offerings in three areas: organizational development, learning design and facilitation, and embodied development. A passionate lifelong learner, Pam has a Bachelors Degree in Adult Education, was an award winning post-secondary instructor, is completing her Masters of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University, and is a certified yoga teacher and licensed Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology) instructor. Known for her high energy level and ability to engage others and inspire reflection and a different perspective, Pam is about connecting potential – within and amongst ourselves.