2019 Workshops

10:40 am

Workshop: Your HR Team is an HR Analytics Powerhouse. They Just Don’t Know It Yet

Facts and data about employees are essential to making good, data-based human resources decisions. Yet a recent survey of HR professionals suggested that only 39 per cent had access to people data for decision-making purposes, and just over half (52 per cent) were actively using people analytics to tackle business issues. Outside of the HR department, just 35 per cent felt their HR team were ‘experts’ in using people data. How can we do better?

Access to the data and tools needed for HR analytics may be easier than we all think. This workshop will help change your assumptions of how best to address analytics challenges in your organization, using a process that is likely already in place. The path to using HR analytics in your company could be shorter and simpler than you think.

Sarah Johnson

Vice President of Enterprise Surveys and Analytics, Perceptyx, Inc.

10:20 am

Delivering competitive benefits: a fresh look at vision care

The impact of employee benefits on talent attraction, employee satisfaction, productivity and retention are well documented and employers are constantly looking for the best-in-class benefits that will keep their employees healthy, happy and engaged.

Vision care is fast becoming an expected and crucial component in health and benefit packages and its high participation rate is reflective of the value it delivers to employees.

With recent advances in technology, the field of vision care is rapidly evolving and capable to offer services beyond routine eye exams. Optometrists can deliver advanced and preventative interventions for those that have a high risk of chronic eye diseases or whose wider health issues present additional risks to their vision.

In this session, ensure your vision care benefits remain competitive and receive the latest updates on optometry services along with insight on potential gaps in the private reimbursement of those services.

François Couillard

CEO, Canadian Association of Optometrists

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