Optimal ResolutionYour answer to managing Workplace Harassment Complaints. Introducing an exciting newo nline program that teaches Managers and Human Resources professionals how to effectively manage, investigate and resolve harassment complaints. Addressing these sensitive and often complex issues skilfully protects your talent, your brand and your bottom line.

  • Managers learn how to identify potential harassment, how to address it, and how to manage employee complaints in a way that encourages early resolution, is legally compliant, and protectsthe well-being ofemployees, workplace relationships and the organization;
  • Human Resources professionals and internal investigatorslearn everything they need to know to conduct a first-rate investigation;
  • Resources include a fillable Investigation Planner, scripts, templates, Credibility & Reliability Assessment Tool, Fact Finding Worksheet, and Decision Maps for every Canadian jurisdiction;
  • The Program includes a library of video lessons that are accessible anytime. It’s like every member of your team hastheir own expert available on demand;
  • The approach is unique and engaging. Everyone who has taken the Program, loves it;
  • Learners and new recruits are easily onboarded;
  • It’s remarkably cost-effective; and,
  • It’s taught by workplace harassment experts with more than 50 years combined experience.

Please visit www.optimalresolution.com for more information.

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