LazaridisThe Lazaridis Executive Master’s in Technology Management (Lazaridis EMTM) is designed for you: a senior decision-maker facing ever-growing complexity, global competition and technology disruption. The Lazaridis School nestled in the Waterloo Ontario, the Silicon Valley of the North, offers an advanced management program in an accelerated 11-month alternating weekend format to enable you to balance an executive education experience with your professional and personal commitments.

This uniquely tailored MSc degree in Management is deeply influenced by present-day technology changes, new legal constraints, different and various investment behaviours and new corporate needs. The Lazaridis EMTM program catalyzes at the intersection of research and informed practice to equip its learners with the skills to creatively lead and solve problems.

As a participant in a small class setting, you will grow from working within a senior management position to acting and thinking like a C-suite leader, allowing you to make better decisions, lead effectively and contribute to your organization at the highest level.

Whether your company develops technology or utilizes technology to advance business goals, this program is tailored to help you succeed.

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