Twenty to twenty-five per cent of the labour force is affected by issues of mental health ranging from stress, to burn-out, to depression. These, and other mental health conditions, can result in significant long-term disability. No other illness has such an impact on the Canadian workforce. Learn how Mental Health Innovations can help transform mental health in the workplace.

In today’s modern and fast paced workplace, mental health problems are rapidly becoming the leading cause of disability in Canada. The impact of mental illness on workplaces and organizations in other settings of the Canadian economy has naturally become a prime concern for many businesses looking to foster a healthier work environment, and in turn prosper over the coming years.

Mental health remains a widely misunderstood area of well being, often perceived as a matter of purely clinical concern. Though widespread stigma continues to exacerbate this issue, strong leadership and corporate management can easily address it, given they are provided with the right tools and adequate guidance.

Mental Health Innovations is a social enterprise dedicated to assisting organizations in implementing simple, tangible and pragmatic solutions related to mental health. Our innovative approach is geared towards reversing the current trend in this fast growing area of concern, while supporting corporate leaders looking to move beyond the traditional methods of care.

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