TalentMapA thought leader focused exclusively on workplace engagement measurements and research, TalentMap is passionate about understanding the people behind organizational success. Employees.

Since its start in 1998, TalentMap has conducted thousands of employee engagement survey projects and surveyed more than one million employees. Working in partnership with public and private sector organizations of all sizes across North America, TalentMap’s deep understanding of methodologies and assumptions unique to different sectors alongside volumes of benchmark data accrued over the years have become valued resources for organizations that value their people.

TalentMap employee engagement survey tools – readily customized from hire to retire – are based on years of research, field experience, and scientific measurement. The company also offers expert consulting services, deployment, data collection, analysis reporting, and post-survey action planning. It’s a proprietary workplace intelligence process – developed and delivered by people-oriented people consumed with helping leadership teams and HR professionals create positive organizational change.

For more information visit: www.talentmap.com.

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