KliicThe kliic.com customizable assessment platform is a simple way to transform employee performance from ordinary to extraordinary.

Kliic.com is an easy-to-use Customizable Assessment Platform that allows clients to design, build, administer and report on performance-based behavioral assessments (leadership, sales, engagement, or virtually any feedback-driven assessment) all using client specific competencies, goals, organizational needs, and skill requirements.

The Kliic.com Platform:

  • Identifies individual and organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Maximizes ROI by prioritizing corporate initiatives based on meaningful data
  • Ensures complete user confidentiality
  • Utilizes a client’s unique competency framework (including specific behavioural indicators, support actions and recommended learning options)
  • Generates multiple reports (individual, divisional, organizational, etc)

Kliic.com’s revolutionary approach simplifies the process of getting real-time feedback!

For more information, visit www.kliic.com.

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