Pesonalized Prescribing Inc.Personalized Prescribing Inc. is a cutting-edge pharmacogenomic testing company providing “The Personalized Prescription Plan (P3)”, a unique, confidential employee benefit that uses pharmacogenomic testing.

Incompatibility to prescription drugs is one of the major reasons for health-related burdens to employers, significantly driving up drug plan costs for them and their employees (up-to billions of dollars) and lowering overall mployee productivity. With personalized, “easy to interpret” summary reports for both patient and physician, P3 allows optimization of drug therapies for employees, helping to reduce absenteeism, disability, and drug waste within an organization.

The P3 Pharmacogenomic test can predict the right drug, at the right dose, at the outset, thus eliminating the trial-and-error process of finding the most effective medication with the least side-effects. A simple saliva sample can identify an individual’s drug compatibility for a range of commonly prescribed drugs based on their unique genetic make-up.

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