HR LEADERS SUMMIT 2017 - November 13 – 14, 2017
The International Centre - Day 2: November 14th


9:15 am – 10:00 am

Shaping a culture of self-leadership and breaking down silos at Nurse Next Door

Growth is great … but keeping nimble during growth can be a challenge.

You’ve no doubt seen what can happen. Large organizations get weighed down with bureaucracy while struggling with a growing workforce and new management layers. In the meantime, smaller companies cling fast to their litheness and agility. Why?

The answer lies in changing organizational structures. No-one knows this better than Brenda Rigney from Nurse Next Door, here to explain how her organization took a radical approach and embraced a culture of self-leadership. She’ll discuss:

  • Rethinking the value of middle management
  • Self-led culture and how Nurse Next Door transformed how they work
  • Questioning the efficiency of the organizational structure
  • The benefits of self-leadership
  • Five things you must know about a culture of self-leadership

Brenda Rigney — Vice President, PINK OPS, Nurse Next Door