This program has been pre-approved for 11.75 CPD hours by HRPA. - Day 1: November 13th


4:30 pm – 5:15 pm

Cultivating culture that guides company brand and business decisions

Few companies have a culture as unique as Uberflip.

A platform for marketers to create, manage and optimize content experiences that can be leveraged by company stakeholders throughout the buyer journey, Uberflip’s co-founder Randy Frisch has a central vision that filters directly into the company’s business model and overall culture. And he’s here to share his story.

You’ll find out exactly how HR can fuse effectively with marketing and branding, as well as:

  • Why HR and marketing are a killer employer brand
  • The importance of culture: Ways to shape culture to create a competitive advantage
  • How to change a culture from a structured environment to a more relaxed and flexible environment
  • Shifting a work culture from "numbers-driven" to "people-driven" focus
  • Getting senior management buy-in for culture change: How to get leaders to own and drive culture change
  • Dealing with a negative and toxic culture and gossip in the workplace
  • Leadership in a negative culture

You’re going to flip out over these fascinating insights from Uberflip. Be sure to attend.

Randy Frisch — Co-Founder, CMO & President, Uberflip