This program has been pre-approved for 11.75 CPD hours by HRPA. - Day 1: November 13th


11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Principles of leadership: Overcoming adversity and rising through the challenges at Northlands

Fort McMurray, 2016: “The Beast” wildfire staked its grim claim as the largest natural disaster in Canadian history.

Kirsten Hayne was on the frontlines of this ordeal. As former Vice President of People Services & General Counsel for Northlands, she and her team oversaw the evacuation of 80,000 displaced residents.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Northlands was also in the midst of its own turmoil. It faced a stark choice: redefine its business strategy or face closure after 138 years of operation.

In this one-of- a-kind session Kirsten will discuss:

  • An overview of the fire evacuation from the venue perspective, its remarkable impact on staff and volunteers, and the leadership strategy that guided them
  • Translating those leadership actions to help organizations thrive in other forms of corporate catastrophe
  • Examining how “leadership by fire” can strengthen our overall culture and strategic decision-making

This is a story of perseverance against the odds that you can’t afford to miss.

Kirsten Hayne - Lawyer and former Vice President, People Services & General Counsel, Northlands

Marijuana in the workplace: What companies need to do to prepare

One thing has dominated the Canadian political agenda over the last year: the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Naturally, this leaves one big question for employers: what are the ramifications for my business?

Expert speaker Daryl Cukierman has the lowdown on how your company can prepare, including:

  • How will the legalization of marijuana affect employers?
  • Risk mitigation for marijuana use in the workplace
  • How should HR departments determine fitness for work?
  • Update on obligations to accommodate employees who have legal permission to consume marijuana for medical purposes

Trust us: you can’t let the chance to hear such essential insights go up in smoke.

Daryl Cukierman - Partner, Employment & Labour Group, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP