The new performance management: The neuroscience of quality conversations

Talk matters.

Research shows that quality conversation helps employees solve problems faster, lifts their engagement and accelerates their growth. Performance management is adapting to this. A narrow focus on ratings and compliance is out. A more nuanced effort to enable better dialogue is in.

Dr. David Rock (Founder and Director – The NeuroLeadership Institute) knows this better than anyone. He’s here at HR Leaders Summit to share his critical insights. You’ll learn all about the six main types of performance conversations, from goal-setting to career analysis.

Don’t miss out on the ground-breaking research you need to reinvent performance management at your organisation.


Nothing changes like business changes.

Just look at the current shifts in workplace culture. What with generational differences, increasing diversity and evolving legislation, businesses are seeking bold new ways to attract, train, engage and manage employees.

Grab a seat at this session for the latest insights on these trends, including:

  • The changing role of HR professionals: Becoming organizational futurists
  • Changing demographics in the workforce: Balancing the needs of multi-generations and diversity within the workplace
  • Globalization and its impact on companies and HR
  • Change management and business transformation
  • What is the real future of work in a time of the gig economy and a technology revolution?
  • What HR needs to do to prepare

We look forward to helping you look forward. See you at the session.


Principles of leadership: Overcoming adversity and rising through the challenges at Northlands

Fort McMurray, 2016: “The Beast” wildfire staked its grim claim as the largest natural disaster in Canadian history.

Kirsten Hayne was on the frontlines of this ordeal. As former Vice President of People Services & General Counsel for Northlands, she and her team oversaw the evacuation of 80,000 displaced residents.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Northlands was also in the midst of its own turmoil. It faced a stark choice: redefine its business strategy or face closure after 138 years of operation.

In this one-of- a-kind session Kirsten will discuss:

  • An overview of the fire evacuation from the venue perspective, its remarkable impact on staff and volunteers, and the leadership strategy that guided them
  • Translating those leadership actions to help organizations thrive in other forms of corporate catastrophe
  • Examining how “leadership by fire” can strengthen our overall culture and strategic decision-making

This is a story of perseverance against the odds that you can’t afford to miss.

Kirsten Hayne - Lawyer and former Vice President, People Services & General Counsel, Northlands

Marijuana in the workplace: What companies need to do to prepare

One thing has dominated the Canadian political agenda over the last year: the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Naturally, this leaves one big question for employers: what are the ramifications for my business?

Expert speaker Daryl Cukierman has the lowdown on how your company can prepare, including:

  • How will the legalization of marijuana affect employers?
  • Risk mitigation for marijuana use in the workplace
  • How should HR departments determine fitness for work?
  • Update on obligations to accommodate employees who have legal permission to consume marijuana for medical purposes

Trust us: you can’t let the chance to hear such essential insights go up in smoke.

Daryl Cukierman - Partner, Employment & Labour Group, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP


Effectively driving digital change: HR’s role

Today, the complexity behind business growth is driven by rapidly changing technology and a company’s ability to harness the latest while bringing its capabilities (and employees) up to current standards. Failure to move ensures a short business life-span.

Despite today’s tendency to make a hero of the technology itself, all this change is really powered by and serves people.

So, where does HR fit into this movement?

Global consultants, Prophet, recently conducted research to understand how HR is impacting the world of work during a time of rapid digital change. They then identified the barriers HR faces, and the most important levers available to becoming a critical player in digital transformation.

Join Jeff Smith, a Partner at Prophet, to hear about the six HR archetypes driving digital change, and other highlights from the research.

Jeff and representatives from Kronos Canada will then lead participants in a facilitated session, to workshop:

  • Finding your HR role in digital transformation
  • Understanding the barriers preventing HR from becoming drivers
  • Initial steps to building greater traction

Nicole Filiatrault - Director, Marketing, Kronos Canada

Jeff Smith - Partner, Prophet

How to set up a leadership pipeline for success in today’s environment

As organizations strive to adapt to an evolving world to continue to grow, their people management systems and processes must become more sophisticated and their leaders must develop greater capability. A lot is at stake, from addressing critical talent needs, both in the short-and long-term, to ensuring high potentials understand the cohesive vision of the company and have the opportunity to leverage their learning agility.

In this session, Right Management will go over the key aspects organizations must tackle in order to effectively build their leadership capabilities. We will present a perspective that highlights the critical gaps that must be overcome to address business issues and upcoming talent requirements to drive sustainable performance.

In the second part of the session, panelists from leading Canadian organizations will discuss the leadership development challenges they have encountered and share their insights on how they crafted their talent strategy roadmap for now and into the future.

Jean-François Ducharme - Leader Coach and Senior Talent Management Consultant, Right Management

Frank Luengo - Chief Operating Officer, Sonora Foods Ltd

Velda Warren - Senior Leadership and Talent Lead, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)


It’s a proven fact: performance-wise, companies that embrace diversity leave their less inclusive peers trailing in the dust.

Yet while diversity, inclusion, human rights and equity are strategic imperatives for success … what can Canadian organisations do to ensure they manage these factors effectively?

That’s where our expert panel comes in. They’re brimming with creative perspectives and best practices for creating diverse, inclusive and supportive work environments, including:

  • The role of HR in promoting workplace D&I
  • Diversity in tech
  • Accommodating LGBTQ in the workplace
  • Importance of D&I for success and what employers can do to succeed
  • Innovative D&I strategies

Include yourself in the future of inclusivity. Be sure to attend.


HR is all about support.

Creating a psychologically safe and healthy workplace is a prime example of this. Many organizations are adopting innovative and proactive strategies to support their employees beyond benefit plans alone. What can we learn from them?

Our expert speaker will tell you, as well as sharing unique insights on:

  • Stress management best practices: Promoting employee wellness and overcoming mental health issues
  • Supporting employees with accommodation needs
  • Practical strategies for implementing the standard
  • Respectful workplaces, ergonomics and other issues that affect workers over time including fatigue
  • Mental health and wellness support through benefits and beyond: How to maximize the two
  • Creative perspectives: What other forward-thinking organizations are doing

Want some great ideas that your company could implement tomorrow? This is the place to be.


Cultivating culture that guides company brand and business decisions

Few companies have a culture as unique as Uberflip.

A platform for marketers to create, manage and optimize content experiences that can be leveraged by company stakeholders throughout the buyer journey, Uberflip’s co-founder Randy Frisch has a central vision that filters directly into the company’s business model and overall culture. And he’s here to share his story.

You’ll find out exactly how HR can fuse effectively with marketing and branding, as well as:

  • Why HR and marketing are a killer employer brand
  • The importance of culture: Ways to shape culture to create a competitive advantage
  • How to change a culture from a structured environment to a more relaxed and flexible environment
  • Shifting a work culture from "numbers-driven" to "people-driven" focus
  • Getting senior management buy-in for culture change: How to get leaders to own and drive culture change
  • Dealing with a negative and toxic culture and gossip in the workplace
  • Leadership in a negative culture

You’re going to flip out over these fascinating insights from Uberflip. Be sure to attend.


The Empowerment Journey: Linking Employees’ Skills, Engagement & Motivation

It’s time to take professional development to the next level by putting it into your employees’ hands.

Traditional training programs are making way for new, digital and collaborative approaches that empower employees to share their own skills and knowledge with their teams. Involving employees in the professional development process has shown to increase motivation and job satisfaction, not to mention the benefits of implementing learning modules within days, not months.

This session will cover best practices and practical case studies on how to:

  • Assemble a team to lead and fuel your learning strategy
  • Create a training program with a high engagement rate using online and blended learning tools
  • Motivate highly skilled employees to share their knowledge on an ongoing basis
  • Measure the success of your programs


Shaping a culture of self-leadership and breaking down silos at Nurse Next Door

Growth is great … but keeping nimble during growth can be a challenge.

You’ve no doubt seen what can happen. Large organizations get weighed down with bureaucracy while struggling with a growing workforce and new management layers. In the meantime, smaller companies cling fast to their litheness and agility. Why?

The answer lies in changing organizational structures. No-one knows this better than Brenda Rigney from Nurse Next Door, here to explain how her organization took a radical approach and embraced a culture of self-leadership. She’ll discuss:

  • Rethinking the value of middle management
  • Self-led culture and how Nurse Next Door transformed how they work
  • Questioning the efficiency of the organizational structure
  • The benefits of self-leadership
  • Five things you must know about a culture of self-leadership


What are the HR challenges that keep you awake at night?

No doubt there’s a long list – which is why you need to attend this essential panel discussion from senior cross-industry HR leaders. You’ll learn practical solutions to the most pressing HR problems, as well as perspectives on how certain business challenges can be overcome.

You’ll also find out how – with a little creativity – you can become your management team’s top adviser. Not to mention:

  • Managing people issues with the board
  • Where HR is and should be adding value
  • Strategy and dealing with senior-level executives
  • How to build a solid business case
  • How to calculate and communicate ROI for HR-related investments effectively to senior management

Don’t miss out on the chance to take your HR challenges to task.


Surviving Your Next Big Technology Transition

While designed to make your life easier in the long run, transitioning to new HR technologies can be a complex and time-consuming task.

This presentation by David Heather, VP of Human Resources at ADP will look at the top technology trends that are likely to make their way into your workplace— if they haven’t already.

The presentation will outline practical insights for successfully planning and executing these implementations - whether it’s a big change such as migrating to the cloud or automating your talent process, or a smaller scale transition. In each case, preparing for this kind of organizational change can make all the difference.


  • How to work with vendors before, during and after the installation
  • Who should (and shouldn’t) be on your project team
  • Why projects always seem to take longer than you expect
  • How training is a key ingredient for long-term success of your new technology
  • Where to find the resources to make your next transition your best yet

The session will draw on real life experiences and will illustrate which tactics work, which don’t, and what you should do to prepare your team for successful technology roll out.

David Heather — Vice President, Human Resources, ADP Canada

Exploring the organizational threats created by the HR department

Today’s HR leaders have greater visibility of and involvement in organizational decision-making, with more chance of gaining a seat at the board table and a chance to have some say in the way an organization operates, with its people in mind. But with this improved involvement comes increased accountability for the HR department and the impact of its decisions on broader business issues. Join John Dawson, Regional Manager for Xref North America, as he discusses the potential organizational risks posed by the way HR practitioners operate, the reasons for them and the best ways to overcome them.

John Dawson — Regional Manager, Xref North America


Reinventing performance management and employee engagement at Colliers Canada

It was a journey that started just five short years ago.

Colliers Canada set themselves a simple goal: to increase their employee engagement. Determined to find out how ‘connected’ their employees felt in the workplace, they launched a regular engagement survey.

The information gleaned by that survey – key engagement drivers, assessing performance management – was vital. Since acting upon it, Colliers have seen their engagement score skyrocket by 11 percent, and a marked increase in 19 of 21 engagement drivers. They went on to win Best Employee Engagement Strategy Award at the 2016 Canadian HR Awards.

All this in just five years? Absolutely. And Colliers’ own Keri Fraser will explain how, revealing:

  • The importance of performance management shift and how it positively impacts employee engagement and productivity
  • How to overcome the challenges of transforming performance management
  • Transforming compensation structures without relying on traditional numerical evaluation systems
  • The role of informal check-in conversations in driving a high-performance culture

This is a story you need to hear. Be sure to attend.

Keri Fraser - Vice President, People Services – North America, Colliers International

Quick low-to-no cost analytics tools and techniques that address organizational needs

Self-service options have many benefits.

People analytics, for instance – self-service can be a great solution for organizations who are faced with size restrictions, budget constraints and limited resource availability. It can also be the ideal way to test, validate and perfect ideas before issuing formal requests to an IT department.

This session will examine these and similar low-to-no cost techniques, including:

  • Collect and manipulate data sets from multiple sources.
  • Replicate advanced visualizations with easy to use tools.
  • Pilot and test different ideas before formalizing and scaling up.

Looking to lay the groundwork for HR analytics with low-risk options? Make sure you grab a seat at this session.

Anna Filice — Director, HR Systems & Operations, City of Hamilton

Zachary Nichol — HR Metrics Analyst, City of Hamilton


The workplace is on the verge of transformation.

Why? Because of the rise of AI and automation. Be it cognitive processing or machine learning, technology is beginning to permanently reshape how we look for job candidates, get the most out of workers and keep our best workers on the job.

In this session, you’ll hear from Canada’s foremost AI experts as they discuss, speculate and share important case studies. They’ll be asking:

  • Reskilling, retooling, recruitment, redundancies – how will machine learning affect them all?
  • What are some exisiting AI applications in HR?
  • Can AI play a role in the candidate and employee experience end-to- end?
  • In an AI enabled world, what does the future of HR look like?
  • How will other AI advancements – such as self-driving cars or the ‘gig economy’ – impact the workforce?
  • What are the risks associated with leveraging AI technologies?
  • Good vs Bad: weighing up the effect of AI
  • What steps do organizations need to take now to get ready?

Don’t miss out on this fascinating session.


The world of work has changed. Compared to previous generations, when people tended to pick a professional path and stick to it, today's job seekers are much more likely to switch companies every few years—or even make a complete career 180—in search of career satisfaction.

But the way young professionals discover and apply for jobs has changed, too. Searching for positions online and submitting a resume and cover letter just doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, candidates are taking ownership of their careers by doing in-depth research about a company’s culture, mission, and values before they even click “Apply.” This shift means that employers have to adjust the way they find applicants. Luckily, TheMuse.com founder, Kathryn Minshew, wrote a playbook for navigating this new world of work called "The New Rules of Work."

Join us at HR Leaders Summit 2017 to meet Kathryn and get a free signed copy of the book!


The New Rules of the Workplace: Why Employer Branding Is Your Secret Weapon

Today’s job seekers are playing by a whole new set of rules—and that means employers have to adapt if they want to attract (and retain) top talent. In her keynote, Kathryn Minshew will share her thoughts on the modern workplace (where it stands and where it’s going) and how companies can employ storytelling, branding, and marketing tactics to both empower their current workforce and compete for qualified candidates.

She’ll dive into:

  • What Millennials expect in the job search and candidate experience—and how you can adapt
  • How to think like a marketer to find and recruit the best talent in a digital world
  • How to build an employer brand and give your employees a stake in the process
  • How to generate employee advocacy and use your current workforce to get in front of qualified candidates

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