Greetings, HR Leaders Summit Partner! We are delighted that you will be joining us. As you scroll through this page, you will find specific and pertinent information about the event that will aid in the event organizing.

EVENT LOCATION - The Toronto International Centre 6900 Airport Rd. Toronto, Ontario, Canada L4V 1E8

DIRECTIONS - Please click HERE

EXHIBITION SETUP - Sunday, November 12th, 2:00pm – 8:00pm.

EVENT START DATE - Monday, November 13th; Registration starts at 8:00am. Keynote starts at 9:00am.

EVENT END & TEAR DOWN - Tuesday, November 14th, 5:00pm.

WHAT IS PROVIDED - 10 feet by 10 feet booth. The area is carpeted and your booth will have a 6ft clothed table and 2 chairs. There is no pipe & drape nor shell scheme at this event. If you have a banner to attach, you will have to provide your own stands.


COMPANY PROFILE & LOGO – Logo in EPS/High-res format and a 200-word profile.

Please view and check HERE that we have your correct profile & logo. Please send to karen.tan@keymedia.com if incorrect or missing.


Gold & Silver partnership includes a space for one item in the Delegate Bag. There will be approximately 250 bags produced for the delegates at the event.

Shipments can only be made for delivery between November 8th – November 10th during business hours. We do not assume any responsibility for delays. The event bags will be stocked up and ready over the weekend.

Below is the link for shipping label, please add your company name, BAG INSERT & event name. Please find the label to attached - HERE


From our previous events, we have seen great success and higher return for exhibitors that provide giveaways. Giveaways are a great opportunity to attract more delegates to attend your booth, as well as increase the value of your sponsorship. Your company will receive more exposure at the event when you are providing a giveaway. Some examples of prizes given away during our previous events are paid vacation trips, iPads, Blackberry Playbooks, and free services from your company. If you would like to provide a giveaway at the event and want more exposure for your company then please let me know. We will highlight your giveaway in the floor plan map to let delegates know that you are giving away a prize!


For Gold & Sliver sponsors your partnership includes space for a one full page advert in the event guide used at the event.


The floor plan is available online on this website under the sponsors tab or you can click HERE


Book rooms at:

  • Four Points by Sheraton Toronto Airport:
    • Discounted Single, Double, Triple & Quad Rate: $135
    • Discounted Rate cut off date: October 13th, 2017
    • Click HERE to book a room today!


If you require power for your booth, it can be ordered through the venue:

  • Showtech Power & Lighting (On-Site Office)
  • Code E1500 (1500 watt, 120 volt duplex outlet, approx 12 amps $167.00 Regular if exhibitors order by October 26, 2017.)
  • Please order - HERE


If you require Audio Visuals for your booth, it can be ordered through the venue:


If you require rentals for your booth. It can be ordered through the venue:


If you require WIFI for your booth, it can be ordered through the venue, please order - HERE


Shipping and receiving to the International Centre, we are using the room - Conference Centre Building please use attached shipping label. - HERE

Shipments can only be made for delivery between November 8th – November 10th during business hours.


We will be providing badges so names of your representatives will be collected 3-4 weeks before the event but, if you wish to submit your list now please send it to karen.tan@keymedia.com

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Chris Davis- Events Director‎
T: 416-644-8740 ext 250

E: registration@kmimedia.ca
Registration hotline: 1-855-283-2721

For sponsorship inquiries please contact:‎ Andrew Cowan
National Sales Manager – Events & Conferences
T: 416-644-8740 ext 232
E: andrew.cowan@kmimedia.ca

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