Brenda Rigney

Vice President, PINK Ops, Nurse Next Door Home Care Services

Brenda joined Nurse Next Door, Canada’s fastest growing home care provider, in November 2015. She has an exciting mandate over the next 36 months to create people, process and technology solutions for their Heartquarters (what Nurse Next Door calls their Vancouver-based Head Office) and to enable the growth of 500 franchise operations over four continents. Brenda has always positioned herself with people-first organizations with a compelling purpose to redefine their industry and the leadership within. Her team spans sales, franchise operations, human resources, marketing, IT, communications, and the Care Services Centre. Brenda has extensive experience in operations and talent management within the retail, hospitality and video game development industries.

She has held management positions with leading organizations such as Gap Inc., Aritzia and Vancity Credit Union, and Earls Kitchen + Bar.