Renascent HR-Leaders-PartnersSince 1970 Renascent has been the treatment provider of choice for hundreds of corporations, professional bodies and unions. Renascent’s Workplace Solutions supports both the employee and the employer in addressing substance abuse issues in the workplace.

Renascent’s drug and alcohol treatment outcomes are among the best in Canada with over 71% of Complete Care alumni remaining abstinent at least 24 months post-treatment.* That means a clean, sober, and productive employee for you.

Renascent offers advantages for both the employee and the employer:

We are the only treatment centre in Canada that facilitates immediate access to treatment. This makes a significant difference – the longer someone waits for addiction treatment, the less likely they’ll be successful.

Weekly compliance and progress reporting keeps you informed on the employee’s progress so everyone is on the same page and working toward the same recovery goals.

Competitive fees mean you’re not overpaying. Renascent’s fees are typically 30-50% less expensive than private drug and alcohol treatment centres. And, when you factor in the real costs of unpaid leave and replacement staffing, treatment practically pays for itself.

Our Workplace Solutions team supports both employees and employers throughout the recovery process, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Hands-on case management means we will assist you every step of the way: from arranging travel and organizing seamless entry into detox and addiction treatment, to workplace reintegration and working through client resistance or situations that threaten sobriety.

Workplace Solutions can assist you in meeting your legal responsibility to accommodate an employee up to the point of “undue hardship” – with the certain knowledge that you’ve done everything in your power to help your employee reclaim his or her life.

Addressing addiction in the workplace is difficult. We’re here to help.

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