Leadership Insight Inc.

Leadership-Insight HR-Leaders-PartnersLeadership Insight Inc. has a 20 year track record of helping individuals and organizations in both the public and private sector achieve extraordinary results. We help create work environments where people aspire to be the best version of themselves. Our experience shows that engaged managers = engaged employees; our ICF accredited ‘Confident Coach’ program trains managers at all levels how to hold regular, respectful and results-focused conversations that spark engagement and performance. The key take-away… managers develop an abundance of confidence and self-awareness to lead in today’s complex and diverse workplaces.

Using validated assessments, we help HR leaders and hiring managers identify success traits in key positions; and evaluate leadership competencies and motivators of employees, high- potential talent and candidates to support all aspects of talent management. We help you to become an employer of choice, not chance, and to implement solutions that have an immediate and lasting impact on your people, your teams and your organization.

Please drop by our booth at the HRLeaders’ conference and share with us your goals, objectives and needs for 2018. We look forward to meeting you! In the meantime, please visit our websites at www.leadership-insight.com and www.theconfidentcoach.com to learn more about our services.