Kliic HR-Leaders-PartnersKliic is a cloud-based multi-rater feedback platform that allows you to design and build your own customized 360 assessments. The assessment results can then provide you with meaningful feedback in support of individual self-development, in developing the potential of others, and for improving overall staff engagement.

Kliic is a simple, flexible and cost-effective tool that helps HR leaders, training organizations and executives identify and address opportunities for improvement, anticipate future challenges, and strive towards organizational excellence.

Kliic enables you to:

  • Design your own customized 360 assessments (leaderships, sales, communication skills, etc)
  • Build your own competency framework, including specific behavioural indicators, support actions and recommended learning options,
  • Access close to 100 standard competencies,
  • Generate customized individual, divisional and organizational reports,
  • Request, review and provide meaningful feedback,
  • Manage multiple users and more.

With Kliic, you're in complete control.

For more information, visit www.kliic.com