Homewood Health

Homewood-Health HR-Leaders-PartnersAs Canada's leader in mental health and addiction services, Homewood Health provides a continuum of stay at work, return to work and treatment services through our team of over 4,500 staff and clinical professionals. Homewood Health delivers better care to Canadians and increases the health and productivity of workplaces through evidence-based education, behaviour change, workplace development and health promotion founded on the latest research and industry best practices.

Through our partnership with The Homewood Research Institute, world-class research scientists work with Homewood clients and clinicians to carry out applied research. Together we are refining existing practices, creating new approaches, and assessing alternative delivery systems in pursuit of better outcomes for all Canadians.

Homewood Health is unique in its ability to support individuals and organizations from end to end with the country’s widest range of treatment options targeted to specific conditions and tailored to your unique needs. From our outpatient services to our inpatient and residential care, there is no better place for you or your employees to access the right treatment, at the right time.

For more information on how Homewood Health is leading the treatment of mental health and addictions, please visit www.homewoodhealth.com